Pervasive Computing


Y. Cui, D. Xu, V. Talwar, D. Edwards, B. Yu, X. Gu, D. Wichadakul, C. Ong, W. Yuan, N. Yadav, J. Jin, W. Jeon, I. Merchant, and J. Shah

Handheld computing device

  • MobiMan – Using HP Jornada to Support User-Level Mobility: Integrating Voice Mail on Jornada, Remote Control with Jornada, Video Preview with Jornada, and Media Session Handoff.
  • MobiAudio – Audio Playing with Support to User Mobility
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Communication between HP Jornadas
  • Learnada – Using HP Jornada for an Interactive Classroom
  • Graphical Authentication System on a HP Jornada
  • Focus Aware Video-on-Demand System