Anomaly & Intrusion Detection in Electric Smart Grids & Microgrids



  • Fall 2023 – Present

Project Description

Smart grids and microgrids are systems that are quickly developing and emerging from grid modernization efforts, new sensor technology, and the development of distributed energy resources (DERs) (such as photovoltaics (PVs) and wind turbines). These systems show potential to help communities address increased electric demand, maintain service during outages elsewhere on the grid, and shift towards a more carbon-neutral form of energy production.  Even with the benefits, smart/microgrids further complicate the power distribution network and introduce numerous access points for cyber threats and require further research into how these systems can be securely deployed and monitored. Efforts to understand potential cyber threats have been increasing in recent years, but the complex nature of the distribution grid results in slow development and utilization of new research.

This research focuses on detecting and alerting system operators of potential threats to voltage and current measurement devices, and communication networks in smart/microgrids.


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