Professor Klara Nahrstedt: Principle Investigator
Lingzhi Zhao: Ph.D. Student


  • Fall 2022-

Project Description

360 video can provide an immersive experience, as users can freely watch the scene of interest in any viewing direction (known as a viewport). Live 360 video, which encompasses a wide range of events such as live concerts and sports, has gained significant popularity. However, live 360 video delivery is still challenging due to stringent (end-to-end) latency requirement. In this project, we present 360LiveCast, a low-latency multicast framework for live 360 video distribution. 360LiveCast introduces a novel representation of 360 video, viewport hull (a dominant viewport plus neighbor viewports), together with a latency-adaptive viewport hull prefetching (LVHP) approach that minimize the latency by prefetching an optimized viewport hull. Moreover, 360LiveCast incorporates a viewport hull group generation (VHGG) approach which wisely generates and updates viewport hull groups to reduce server overload, and consequently, latency. Experimental results show that 360LiveCast achieves substantial gains in average latency (4.72% to 32.37%) over state-of-arts without degrading users’ perceptual quality.

Funding Agencies

This project is supported by PPoSS.