2KQ Project

This work is part of the 2K Project.


  • Provide a unified QoS management framework, and a programming environment for developing and deploying a component-based applications in different application domains into a distributed component-based environments such as 2K system easily, and systematically.
  • Apply the proposed QoS management framework with the multimedia application domain as the proof of concept.
  • Try to provide different types of adaptations to maintain the QoS provision with different methodologies corresponding to different events triggering such as the changes of resource requirements, the changes of user’s location or user mobility.


Figure 1: 2K

2KQ is proposed as part of the 2K project to provide a QoS management framework for the 2K system. In the first phase of 2KQ, we provided the two-tier run-time 2KQ which consists “QoS-aware service management” and “QoS-aware resource management”. The QoS-aware service management is mainly responsible for service configuration, service reconfiguration (functional adaptations), and dynamic service discovery . The QoS-aware resource management is built based onthe resource-aware QoS management framework, “QualMan”[1].

Distributed QoS Compiler

Figure 3 represents the compiled result of the distributed QoS compiler. The QoSCSpec is kept in a respository and provided as “ready-to-use” information for the run-time 2KQ during the run-time instantiation.

Figure 2: QoS-aware Component Specification (QoSCSpec)

Software and Documentations

Runtime 2KQ IDLs:

The run-time 2KQ implements the QoS-aware service management, and the QoS-aware resource management.All these stuffs in this part are running only on Unix (Sun) machines.

Distributed QoS Compiler APIs:

The distributed QoS compiler implements the two-phase translations (symbolic QoS configuration translation, and resource translation).  We implemented the current version using java. Resource translation is performed distributed based on the interactions among the profiler client in the QoS compiler and the Profiler and SCCoordinator on distributed nodes.

Interactions between Run-Time 2KQ and Distributed QoS Compiler

Figure 3: Interactions between a QoS Compiler and run-time 2KQ (Example)

Released Source Codes:

We are currently add the copy right all the source codes. Hopefully, it should be done at the end of this week (10/15/00).


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NSF logoNASA logoThe 2K project is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants No. 9870736, 9970139, and EIA 99-72884EQ, and NASA under Grant No. NASA NAG 2-1406.

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